Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Our scriptures lay great emphasis on 'Nama Sankirtana' by extolling it as the best and the highest spiritual practice for the Kali Yuga.

When these names of the Lord are chanted with devotion and with proper understanding of their meaning, the chanting becomes a contemplation on the qualities of the Lord and thus helps in purifying and concentrating the mind.

Chanting "Om Vashat Karaya Namaha" so that He, residing in our souls, directs us in the path of virtue! He not alone pervades, also controls us in every aspect of life.

Here, the story goes.. Lord Krishna was to arrive at the court of Duryodhana, as the messenger of the Pandavas.

The Egoistic Duryodhana full of vices, felt that being the Emperor of the Kuru dynasty it was a shame to even welcome Krishna, felt he was a cheat and friend of the penniless Pandavas and that no honor be given to him.

Bheesma, Drona and Vidhura all wanted Duryodhana to receive Krishna with due respects. At last none could convince the wicked Duryodhana and they simply had to obey the orders of King Duryodhana who ordered that none should show respect to Krisha.

Bheesma the grand sire agreed with Duryodhana that they will follow him, and looking at Vidhura simply murmured
"Three in thousand".
Drona and Aswaththama did not understand anything and sat simply gazing.

The Pandava messenger Krishna, stepped in dressed in silk and radiating a beautiful smile as he entered
Duryodhana's court. As soon as Duryodhana saw Krishna he jumped from his seat and welcomed him saying - "Welcome our Lord!". Seeing this Bheesma, Drona and the rest followed the king.

Well, Duryodhana questioned Bheesma and others as to why they gave such a warm welcome to Krishna. Bheesma replied that they had only followed the King as they were his subordinates and it is their duty to follow him. Duryodhana was taken a back and confirmed the same from Karna his best friend.

Here, Bheesma looking at Vidhura smiled about the significance of the name 'Three in thousand" in the Vishnu Sahasranama.

Vashat kaara means
the one who directs all. Lord Krishna directs all; under his charismatic force.

He is the Universal Charismatic Charming Controller in all to direct all, as per His wishes. He is the Omnipresent Will, also by His mercy, directs all others to be favorably disposed to us. People who all are waiting for legitimate favors to be granted, can utter "Om Vashat karaya Namaha" so that the Lord pervading those VIPs directs them positively.


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