Sunday, August 9, 2009


He, the LORD alone existed before, exist now, and will exist forever into the future. The well-known and established physical law that all living things come to an end does not apply to Him. He is the Alpha and the Omega.

The fourth name from the Vishnu Sahasranama "OM BHUTABHAVYA BHAVAT PRABHAVE NAMAHA", emphasizes that the Lord is the Perpetual boss, the Lord of of the whole universe. The worth of chanting the fourth name from "Vishnu Sahasranama", is emphasized with the help of the story.

The Lord is timeless and beyond the perception of our wisdom.
A young saint well versed in Vedas was called Romasa had abundant growth of hairs all over his body. On the request of Romasa his guru deciphered the writing of Brahmadeva on his forehead as "connected with hair", against his lifespan evidently meaning that his hairs had something to talk about his life.

None could render the apt meaning.
The young saint Romasa went to the abode of Brahmadeva as he felt he was the person who was capable of explaining his writing connected to the hairs. The great Brahmadeva too could not explain the meaning of his writing and was all confused and could not reveal the same to the sage Romasa and explained the fact that the sage had stayed for an hour in Satya loka which is equal to 35 Crores, 78 Lakhs and 48,000 years on Earth.

Romasa was surprised to see the changes that occurred on this Earth and realized his staying of 1 hour in Satya loka - means crores of years on Earth. Romasa now longed to stay for more time on Earth and wanted to worship the Lord.

Romasa started chanting "OM BHOOTA BHAVAT PRABHAVE NAMAHA", the Lord of all that existed, that will exists, and that is in existence. Romasa was bestowed by a boon from the Lord Narayana that his life will be metered thus - a hair from his body will fall when the life of one Brahma ends and he will reach abode of the Lord when all the hairs falls - that is how his lines written on his forehead connected his hairs.

Brahma could not decipher what he wrote on the forehead of Romasa as he was only an instrument in the hands of Vashatkara, the inner controller of all the souls.

While Vishnu is commonly portrayed with human features, Swami Tapasyananda, in his book, Bhakti Schools of Vedanta, reminds readers that Vishnu pervades everything and is not anthropomorphic. He has no particular material form but can manifest in any form, and is a center of all force, power, will, auspiciousness, goodness, beauty, grace, responsiveness, etc.

Let us all chant now knowing the greatness of the 4th name of the Lord "OM BHOOTA BHAVYA BHAVAT PRABHAVE NAMAH", the Lord of the past, present and the future. One who chants this name is sure to have long and glorious life span.


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