Wednesday, August 19, 2009


The seventh name of the Lord, 'bhAvah', from the 'Vishnu Sahasranama' shows that Lord is the one who exists with all splendor. He who exists always, independent of anything else too.

Lord Krishna who acted as the Pandava dhoota was about to meet the Kaurava Prince Duryodhana to part with the share of the kingdom belonging to the Pandavas.

Duryodhana wanted to imprison the Lord and postponed meeting of the court. He got a big pit dug beneath the seat to be provided for the Lord and arranged a dozen wrestlers who would imprison Lord Krishna once the throne would sink.

The Lord entered the court and explained Duryodhana about the outcome of the war but cunning Duryodhana laughed and ridiculed saying that he can think of Mahabharata war in the prison, since the Lord was born in prison and would surely die in the same place. Mentioning this Duryodhana signaled to slip the Lord's chair into the pit.

The Lord in all his majesty smiled and said, "Oh foolish child! you thought I am alone, therefore you can imprison me? I am never alone. See me with the power I give to your eyes".

The Lord took the Viswaroopa immediately. His legs were found to be in the nether lands, his hands pierced the skies. In Him the blind man's eldest son saw all the gods, human beings, the court and himself and the very scene too.

This scene alone offers a beautiful message, that in Him lie the world, its glory and beauty like the feathers of peacock.

Just as a peacock spreads its beautiful feathers and chooses to go on a dance so does the Lord choose to show this Omnipresence in all His glory to those He wills whenever He designs.

Thus, all that are great, noble and mighty are feathers of different hue in that cap of the Lord. Hence, he is called "Bhava". Those who chant this name will always add feathers to their cap. Let us chant "OM BHAVAYA NAMAHA" and surrender to him in devotion.

We are gifted with such a loving God who is always ready to spread his Love and help for us.


  1. Good work and liked the story too.

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    Ravi Bhargava

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  3. it's gr8 story...:)

    God is Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent...


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