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Sahasranama is the panacea for all diseases - spiritual, mental and physical. The importance of the first name in Vishnu Sahasranama 'Viswam', is brought forth with immense pleasure so that we all rejoice reciting this name of the Almighty alone which can do wonders for us.

Here, the story goes that once there was a Brahmin on the banks of river Narmada married to a lady named Itara. They were blessed with a son named Lytareya. The boy's father thought it would be in order to initiate him the Vishnu Sahasranama and asked him to repeat 'Viswam'. Well, after the first word the father taught the boy the second name 'Vishnuhu', but the boy was unable to pronounce the second name even after years.

The Brahmin got frustrated and married again and his second wife gave birth to two sons and they were Vedic scholars.
Lytareya was mocked by his neighbors for not uttering anything other than 'Viswam'.

Itara thought that her son was a mentally retarded and felt that he was a shame to be born in a family of learned sages, and drove him out of the house. The boy's response to this was just the word
'Viswam' alone and he left his home.

His step brothers were learned and they were chanting the Vedic hymns. All of a sudden they could not utter a word, and further negative incidents followed. The house was robbed of all the riches and jewelery. The old brahmin was stunned with this happenings and on the advise of sage Vasishta, came to know that it was the misfortune of his wife who drove Lytareya, who was a yogi by birth and knew the importance of the word, his undiluted devotion to the Lord who is full of virtues made every moment glorious for the Brahmin's family and driving him has lead to all the misfortunes.

Lytareya returned home and the Brahmin was gifted back with all his fortunes and his sons started chanting the Vedic hymns.

Sage Vyasa shows the importance of the word 'Viswam' here as ....
Viswam means the one full with all the good, mental, physical and spiritual glories by his nature. Such an attitude can only be true in the case of Lord Vasudeva. Having known the fact, one need not go into the depth to find anything more worth uttering than this name of the Lord, once you realize the Lord alone is full - the whole One in all his glory!.

Sage Veda Vyasa heard this anecdote from his great-grand father Sage Vasishta. He compiled the 1000 names of the Lord keeping the auspicious nature and this incident in his mind, he put this name 'Viswam' - the one full with all that is good - as the first one.

Those who chant 'Viswaya Namaha' will, no doubt live amidst all types of prosperity - full to the brim. Thus, it will be in order for all the followers of Bhagavan Ramanuja to adopt the form 'Viswaya Namaha' and meditate to the Lord 'the one full in all respects'.

Let us all chant this mantra 'Om Viswaya namaha'. Only one of the thousand names is enough to serve our purpose, provided we chant it simultaneously meditating upon Him with the attributes described in the name. Viswam means the whole - the one full with all that is good in all the fields. Let us chant 'Om Vishwaya Namaha' for universal prosperity.


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