Thursday, July 30, 2009


'Vishnu', as the name suggests is the ultimate soul that resides in the body and soul of everything that pervades.

The story goes that a girl of 16yrs was left at home by her parents only to be told that she was not older enough to understand the lectures of Sage Garga, an ardent philosopher on Vishnu Sahasranama and was asked to take care of the pot full of butter.

Shanta could hear the knocks at the door, and found an old saint asking for a glass of water. She welcomed the saint and they exchanged talk which made her tell that her parents have gone to listen to the lectures on the second name -
'VISHNU' by sage Garga. The old man said that he would explain the meaning of Vishnu from the Sahasranama.

Within seconds when the girl came
with a glass of water in her hand, could not find the old sage, but literally saw LORD KRISHNA tasting the butter happily.

She was displeased with Krishna for cheating her. Krishna was looking naughty with his mischievous smile on his face. Shanta lost her patience and gave a blow on the boy's back. Lo! the very moment she felt the blow on her back, the butter pot broke into pieces, Sage Garga felt as if some-body had beaten him with a stick on his back. All the audience felt the same. The cows, the calves, the buffaloes, the sheep, the frogs all jumped alike in pain.

Shanta saw that the stick that beat Krishna was also feeling the pain and jumping.

Now, we understand that what the word Vishnu meant. He is the one in all...the ONE IN ALL and everything.

Hence, there should be no ill-feelings towards any soul. For the ultimate soul residing in the soul and body of everything is the pervader Vishnu.
Vaishnavism teaches Love and Bhakti by the name Vishnu.

Chanting this name "OM VISHNAVE NAMAHA', will convert even our worst critics into our fans!


  1. Something divine is always nice to read.

  2. Rohini good work on the second name of the LOrd.
    Keep posting and spread the message of peace.

  3. Hey! Nice post something different from the same stuff which I find in other blogs.

    Keep it going. Good work.

  4. universe is expansion of ourbeing..
    Every thing is interrelated, interconnected and interdependent
    nice post..

  5. Thanks Amit, its truly what you said is right.
    I am happy you liked it.

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  7. Such a lovely post bringing to light with proper meaning the divine aspect of the Lord.
    I appreciate it a lot.

  8. Good to know about god thanks good one keep posting