Tuesday, July 14, 2009

SAmaja Vara Gamana

RaAgam – Hindolam (20th melakartha janya)
ARO : S G2 M1 D1 N2 S ||
AVO : S N2 D1 M1 G2 S ||
TaAlam – Adi
Composer – Tyagaraja

Saamaja Vara gamana SAdhu Hrut SArasAbja Paala Kaalaateeta Vikhyaata

(Oh! The protector of the Lotus like hearts of the saints! O Krishna, whose fame transcends time).

Anupallavi :
sAma Nigamaja SudhAmaya gAna VicakshaNa gunasheela
dayAlavAla mAM pAlaya

Oh! One who expounds the nectar like melodious music arising from Saama gana hyms. Thou, of great qualities like abundant mercy, do care for me!

Charanam :
Veda ShiromAtruja saptasvara nAdAcala DeEpa sveEkruta
YAdavakula muraLi vAdana vinoda mohanakara Shri TyAgarAja vandaneeya
SAmajavara ghamana...


You are the divine flame illuminating the subtle and lofty heights of OmkAra, the essence of the Vedas, out of which emanated the seven notes of melodious music.

You elevated to unsurpassable heights the Yadava race in (Krishna avatar) the one who is delighted in playing the flute and fascinated the Gopi’s by your bewitching charm and mellifluous music.

You are worshiped by Tyagaraaja.


  1. Rohini,

    Its always nice to listen to Tyagaraja/s Kritis.
    We would love to hear some music too.

  2. Yes, Rohini yur blog does look good and just seen the posts in the other blog "voicewithin".

    Well, I feel if you always upload some music along with their meanigns, it will look good.

    All the best.

  3. Pranam!
    Subjective flashes as rays from your soul!

    Chaithanym Sarvabhoothaanaam,
    Nivartham jagadaatmanaam,
    Thadaanandam naadaatmaanaam,

  4. Pranam!

    I became disturbed on your profile, that what gifted to you by HIM was something to which I was carving for .... But I left that burnings and now sponsering others to get it, what was never destined to me!

    Anyway heartly I welcome you, even though I dont have the base, I feel, and I experienced a rythm flowing through my body from the younger age of Bharathanatyam sessions!

    I feel a sense of contentedness that people like you responded to me!

    You are the blessed, hope you will bless me!

    I wrote something today and posted, please do visit...

    Visit again, and do I...

  5. Hi,

    Rohini, I know you play the instrument Veena, but I need to song to be uploaded here.

    I thik you are not that busy enough to keep us waiting for the same.

    Love your other posts on voice within too!