Wednesday, August 12, 2009


The fifth name of the Lord from the 'Vishnu Sahasranama', is 'OM BHOOTAKRITE NAMAHA'. He is the cosmic force who is behind one and all, the creator of all beings.

Sri Bhattar points out that this act of creation is done by Him without dependence on anything external.

"tvam kartA sarva bhUtAnAm" - You are the Creator of everything that exists - VishNu PurANa 1-4-15.

Let us glorify the fifth name of the Lord with a story.
Brahmadeva was feeling very miserable about his job of creating and writing the fate of the created, granting boons and then praying at the feet of the Lord for perfection. He was wondering as to why beings were not being liberated from the cycle of birth and death, so that he would be relieved from the drudgery of his job.

On the advise of Lord Narayana, Brahmadeva mounted on his Swan and came to Puri. There was no temple at that time and the Lord was resting on the banks of a pond. Just then Brahmadeva had a vision wherein a crow came and bowed to the Lord and dived into the pond, in a flash of a second he could see the soul of the crow attaining the beautiful form of the Lord with the similarity of Shanku and Chakra and reaching the feet of the Lord attaining liberation.Brahma saw this symbolic way of attaining liberation.

Just then arrived the god of death - Yama crying to Lord Narayana stating that an old brahmin virtually lived in sin and at the precise moment of death fell into the pond and reached the abode of the Lord, without being reckoned by him, and that he was unable to do his duty properly.

On being questioned by Goddesses Laxmi, Brahma and Yama said that they would be very happy to see the souls getting liberated, but both complained as to they were unable to cope up with their duties.

Brahmadeva born from the navel of Lord Narayana and who is rich with the power of Vedas, the power house of wisdom and knowledge, and Yama with his assistants still were not convinced.

Then mother Goddess pointed to two statues that appeared to be carrying the tower on their shoulders. In the same way, neither of them can create nor destroy anything independently.

The sole creator of the world is Sriman Narayana who guides us one in all the activities. No one assists him. He is the inner ruler working through all of us. Brahma and Yama now understood that He the Lord Narayana alone is the main essence in all.
The Lord is Bhootakrit means the Creator. He alone is unique for he creates, protects, and destroys the world without anybody's help.

Hence, let us chant this name "OM BHOOTAKRITE NAMAHA", being engaged in any activity so as not to get exhausted and we will derive the satisfaction in anything we do, for the Lord directs us. He is the sole doer residing in all of us.


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