Thursday, September 3, 2009


The ninth name of the Lord from the 'Vishnu Sahasranama' referred to as 'Bhoota Bhavana', for He is the one nourishing all the beings with involvement and ensures their physical and spiritual growth in the entire universe.

As the narration of the story goes ...
It was one of those hot days of severe summer in the city of Kumbakonam. In the temple of the Lord Aravamuda, referred to as Sarangapani the priests were preparing for the mid-day pooja.

Just then two saintly men rushed to the entrance to have the darshan of the Lord. The people recognized one of them as Piran from Thirumazhisai well known as Bhaktisara too. It had happened in the earlier visits that the Lord broke His self-imposed discipline of being a statue like in Archavatara, raised his head and smiled at Baktisara, to the surprise of all.

This time the Chief Priest asked Baktisara Thirumazhisai to await the Deeparadhana for having the darshan or glimpse of his beloved Kesava. Well, inside the Garbhagriha as the Chief Priest began to offer nivedan, a voice emanated from the Lord Aravamuda staying - 'stop', asking the Archaka to bring Piran, his beloved devotee from outside to him.

The Lord ordered Thirumazhisai Piran to have the 'Pongal' - the offering kept for the Lord. When Piran declined stating that a servant cannot have it without the master not having taken the same.

The Lord Sarangapani thus spake...
That he was the 'Bhootatama' - for all the beings in the universe are his body, for He alone is in our body and Soul. By Piran having the same it is still the Lord who dwelling in his soul is nourishing the same.

Hence, having heard thus, we know from the 'Vishnu Sahasranama', that the Lord is called 'BHOOTA BHAVANA', meaning the one supplying the nutrition to all the beings.

Whenever you feel weak and that you need some nourishment, please do not hesitate to chant - "OM BHOOTA BHAVANAYA NAMAHA'. It is the greatest mantra for the universal health and growth too.


  1. Undoubtedly educative and divine.
    Keep posting more of such things.

    God Belss You.


  2. Pranam Rohineeee,

    'Ye bhoothaanaamadhipathayo: vishikhaasa: kapardhinaa:....
    Ye anneshu vividhyanthi paathreshu pibatho Janaan....'

    Yes it means you reached there also... great Rohineee, undoubtly great!