Wednesday, June 3, 2009

SadinChenE O Manasa, Raga -Arabi, Thalam : Adi

There are 5 pancharatna krithis of Tyagaraja. These Kritis has stood distinct when compared to other compositions and hence listening to all the kritis will be a soulful experience.

SadhinChenE one of the pancharathna krithi (one of 5 gems of Tyagaraja) has been set on the easiest of ragas, Arabhi. This Krithi has been carved out in a language full of liberty, a language where every word is as sweet as nectar, Of course when it has come out of devotion from Tyagaraja's heart with love to the Lord.

Here goes the meaning of the Kriti: as composed by Tyagaraja......

Oh mind! Sri Rama, who set himself as an example inculcating the path of righteousness, has carried out what he wanted and evaded coming to me, uttering words as suited the occasion. He put Devaki and Vasudeva to a number of trials. Without fulfilling the heart’s desires of the Gopis, he taunted them. He (Paramaatman) would always make women pine and bow to him with his divine love. He would [pose] himself as the child of Yashoda, allow her to please herself by kissing him and would smile at her when he was a child.

Though he was a lover of devotees, an embodiment of all virtues and an eternally pure one, when I was eagerly expecting that he would free me from the troubles of Kali age and when I was praying to him, chanting his glorious names, he evaded me without protecting me.

He appreciated and lovingly accepted my worship as being typical of a good devotee. He without coming to me, merely advised me not to be angry but be patient in the times of tribulation and not to seek the company of the Godless.


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